Meeting Rent Payment

Make your Meeting Rent payment with Credit Card or PayPal by clicking the "Donate" button. ​You may also wish to sponsor a meeting by making this payment a recurring one. Please make a note letting us know which meeting you are paying for, Thank you!

Cash Payments

You may make cash payments by placing your meeting rent in the safe drop located in the club. Please use a pre-stamped envelope with meeting information on it found at the head of the main table.

Mail Your Payment

Please make checks or money orders payable to The Antioch Recovery Club and mail to:
PO Box 713
Antioch, IL 60002

Don't forget to make a note of what meeting you're paying rent for, Thank you!

Consider making a sustaining donation to the club.

Club Operations

The Antioch Recovery Club welcomes your support; whether acts of service or monetary gift. No donation is considered too small or too large and they help immensely, ensuring our operating expenses are met and future programs are funded. Contributions cover the costs in association with website hosting and running the zoom platform as well as building expenses such as rent and utilities.

Community Welfare

The Antioch Recovery Club is funded 100% by contributions. Our goal is to be fully self-supporting; however, we greatly appreciate any support from those who have a desire to help others, and in turn make a difference throughout our community. It is our hope that we can continue to rely on our friends helping make this possible. Our community's welfare is a shared responsibility.

Nonprofit Status

Contributions are fully tax deductible, as the ARC is a nonprofit (501c3) corporation.*
Please know that any help that you provide goes directly toward keeping the doors open and is greatly appreciated. Our mission to assist others to recover is upheld by your generosity. Our board members are strictly volunteers, and we have no paid employees. With your support, we hope to help as many people as possible rebuild their lives, and recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

*Consult your tax advisor.