This tutorial is for computer participants. We will have a phone tutorial soon.

Here are the steps we took to get to a virtual meeting:

 Join A Meeting


We admitted we had to go to: and click on the “Join A Meeting” link.

Then, enter the Meeting ID. Click the “Join” button to continue.

Enter Your Screen Name


Came to believe that by typing our name, it would be visible to all participants.

Click on the “Join” button to continue.

Join Audio

Made a decision to click “Join Audio by Computer” for sound.

Tip: You can use headphones if you don’t want others in your household to hear.

Look Around

Took a fearless look around to find that we could:

  • Mute & Unmute ourselves*
    • Tip: While muted, we can hold the spacebar down to say, “Hi Bill!” to be heard, and let go to return to mute.
  • Start our Video after we feel comfortable in the room.
    • If you’re concerned about your home showing in the background, sit with your back facing a wall.
    • If enabled by your host, try the “Virtual Background” feature.
  • Use the Chat function to reach out to an individual or message the whole room.
    • Please use this feature responsibly. If someone raises a concern about unskillful use of the chat feature, it will be revoked.

Shared with another human being the link to this meeting because it is great!

These are basic steps to get into a virtual meeting on the zoom platform. Any assistance needed beyond this can be found at

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