The following are the Antioch Recovery Club’s Codes of Conduct as expressed in Section III of our Member Privileges, Rights & Benefits, and Codes of Conduct.pdf.


Laws and ordinances of the government prevail over any of the Antioch Recovery Club Codes of Conduct. Quite simply, if it is illegal, it will not happen at the Antioch Recovery Club. We are all obligated to police ourselves and one another. By joining the Club, every Member has the right and responsibility to ask someone not following the Codes of Conduct to leave. If unsuccessful, the police are an acceptable, though very last, resort. You may report incidents of violation to a Board Member. The Grievance Committee of Members holds the detailed steps for dealing with Member infractions.

The Codes

  1. The Antioch Recovery Club is your Club. Please treat it and its guests with respect, consideration for self and all others, common sense, and tidiness.
  2. No alcohol is allowed on the premises, nor are other non-prescribed medications. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is allowed on the premises, unless as a guest at a meeting and welcomed there by group conscience.
  3. No weapons allowed on the premises or anything else that may be considered life-threatening to its Members.
  4. Members have the right and responsibility to directly confront, in a civil manner, an individual violating the Codes of Conduct, as well as respond in a civil manner if questioned. Please fill out an incident report.
  5. TV, pool table, arcade games, card and board games, radios, etc. all are to be off 30 minutes before, and until 30 minutes after, and during meetings. When in use, low volumes are expected.
  6. Visitors are allowed at scheduled and open meetings, and may enter the premises 30 minutes before and stay until 30 minutes after a meeting.
  7. The premises will remain locked until 30 minutes before meetings, and after 30 minutes after meetings end. Members, however, will be able to let themselves and their escorted guest(s) in before and after those times.
  8. The hours of the Club are 6:00 A.M. to 12:00 Midnight 7 days. Access at other times is forbidden with the following two exceptions: (1) A planned Antioch Recovery Club or Group activity or (2) Board Member activity when appropriate.
  9. All Members, when they are the last to leave, are responsible for locking ALL THREE doors, and turning off all power, except refrigeration.
  10. No lodging, no matter how temporary, is allowed at the Antioch Recovery Club, nor are romantic trysts, no matter how temporary.
  11. Guests are permitted at the Antioch Recovery Club; their actions are the responsibility of the host Member. Members are responsible for their guest[s] at all times they are in the premises. The obvious goal is to avoid Members letting non-Members in at times not designated as such and allowing the “guests” to roam and enjoy benefits of Members.
  12. No pets are allowed on the premises, unless for aiding the physically handicapped.
  13. Non-Members under the age of 18 are not allowed in the Club, except if attending a meeting or during a club function.
  14. Members under the age of 18 may not entertain guests under 18. 
  15. Membership dues are $10 per month, or $100.00 per year for Individuals. $175.00 per year for a Household Membership and an additional $50.00 for any add-on Members of a Household Membership. Membership Overview
  16. The Board Members have the ultimate authority to define or interpret misconduct or a meddlesome interference that has not been directly listed herein, and act reasonably to curb it.
  17. The term “Member in good standing” describes a Member whose dues are paid and has no disciplinary action affecting them currently.
  18. All financial matters, including but not limited to literature purchases, dues payments, key deposits/returns, and Club rental are addressed in the policies of the Finance Committee.
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