Phase 2 is in effect and began Tuesday, June 09, 2020.

The Meeting Schedule continues to be updated while Willing Chairpersons become available. We are asking potential chairpersons to complete both the Chairperson Acknowledgement Form AND the Meeting Claim Form (link provided to those who submit an acknowledgement form)

Original Meeting Times will be reinstated upon identifying a Willing Chairperson.

Possibility of multiple meetings per day, but no two In Person meetings will run at the same time.

If you plan on attending In Person Meetings during Phase 2, please familiarize yourself with the Club Protocol and Expectations.

phase 2 protocol and expectations

Are you interested in being considered for a Chairperson’s Position? Follow the Chairperson Acknowledgement link below to learn more and start the process.

The Antioch Recovery Club

Established to provide a safe facility for members recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Our facility hosts 12-Step meetings and social events for members and their families. We host in-person and virtual meetings and remind our members and guests that the ARC is 100% supported by contributions. Board members are not compensated.

Make a Difference, Donate!

Contributions cover the cost of rent and utilities for our location as well as running the zoom platform to provide virtual support to our recovery community. You may make your Donation with Credit Card or PayPal. Please consider a sustaining donation to help us carry the message.

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